J&W TRANS, s.r.o. tank trailing

entire capacity : 30.000 litres ( 34.000 liters) 1 chamber
producer : MAISONNEUVE S.A., FR 50510 CERENCES
 shape : direct cylinder (barrel)
material : stainless steel Aisi 316 Ti (Z6 CNDT 17/12)
strenght :

Pfront and rear bottom - 4 mm, cyllinder jacket 3 mm, 4 dished wave - breakers

surface :

inside impregnated, outside laminated, adjustment 2 B

 welds :


holders :

all tank truck holders, rings, undercarriage holders, delivery board holder with peg and channel supporting the legs are made of stainless steel

 the chamber equipment :

1 entrance into a tank barrel, average 500 mm in the centre of the chamber, closing with 6 swing bolts, teflon packing block, installed cover, 1 cylinder outlet basin situated into the lowest part of the tank, isolated cover, 1 stainless valve at the entrance of the tank barrel overpressure/suppress, 1 air collector DN 40 at the entrance of the tank barrel with a valve ¼ turn, symetric ending and a plug

outlet :

1 blow off outlet DN 80, manually control floor outlet, stainless valve Fort Vale DN 80 at the pipe end, Tankwagen ending, plug, chain, collecting box uder the outlet average 200 mm.

other equipment :

pressure ramp, regressive valve, glycerine manometer, bronze calibrated valve 2 bars, unloader valve, quick-coupler, plug


Security :


- upper part protection if tank turns over

- linear stainless foot bridge

- protective tilt railing

- hose boxes along each side stainless

- Tankwagen hoses with endings

- cleats ADR

- outside hot steam heating, two circles welded under the tank barrel, pressure manometer 2 bars, cleaner,

- outlet heating


Isolation :

strentgh: 100 mm consist of 60 mm glass-wooll, pressed into 50 mm and 50 mm of polymeric urethane

- cylinder jacket: stainless steel 304, strenght 0.6 mm, lustred effect, smooth

- bottoms: front and rear bottoms are made of polyester, polished

- others: isolated outlet in a dismantled box, isolated outlet basin, isolated pipes

Pressure :


test pressure 4 bars, operating pressure 2.5 bars, calculated pressure 4 bars


Checks :


CEP examination

DRIRE examination

Welds raiography

Capacity Maisonneuve atest